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Saving you money, and the planet, one panel at a time.

Taking advantage of the abundant energy the Sun gives us for free is a wonderful opportunity for consumers to contribute and give back to this planet we call home. We are the custodians of this beautiful and amazing world, and doing our part to make it as clean and healthy as possible for everyone is our responsibility.  Not only can going solar reduce your energy bill every month, it also helps save the planet. It's a win-win!   

 The use of solar energy not only reduces greenhouse emissions and the effects it has on our environment and atmosphere, but in addition, the more people that use solar the less pollution we have in the air from fossil fuels. Mitigating these risks to our planet aides in the protection of all life on Earth, our ecosystem and the reduction of the overuse of water. All of which are vital to our future. 

Going solar is now more reliable, practical and cost effective than ever before. Thanks to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics (ITC) eligible homeowners who install a solar system on their home between 2022 and 2032 can receive a 30% tax credit on their investment. In addition, purchasing solar increases the value of your home. Not only are you making positive changes for you and your family, you are helping the planet, and therefore others, all with just one simple switch.